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The eVape 510 is among the most popular designs presently on the marketplace.

We love the eVape 510 e cigarette since it tastes fantastic and is particularly easy to utilize. We thought this was probably the most equivalent to tobacco cigarettes due to the small size and shape.

eVape personnel experimented with other e-cigarettes and also have been unimpressed low quality atomizers that should be cleaned constantly and also fall short within days, but the 510 is strong and extremely low maintenance compared to most models.

The eVape 510 is by far the very best e cigarette on the market for anybody thinking of trying vaping or for those who have and would such as to buy a kit.

Our starter kits has 2 batteries and 2 atomisers, so you can constantly have one on hand charged and ready to vape.

eVape starter Kit consist of:.

1. Atomizer, 2pcs.

2. Charger, 1pc.

3. Cartridge, 5pcs.

4. User's manual, 1pc.

5. Batteries, 2pcs (180 mAH).

6. Power line, 1pc.

7. bottle of evape juice 10ml 1pc (random selection).

eVape use traceable specific post satchels for all starter kits, we don't mark up postage cost nor do we have any handing charges. All out stock is in Australia so most of our clients get their items in only a few days.

When you initially get your eVape kit, you will want to set it up correctly for the best experience.

1. fully charge your batteries. Place them in the charger till the light turns green. lithium ion batteries do not have a memory.

2. fill your cartridge. Don't over fill!. Use the dropper to drip the fluid till it no more absorbs into the filler. Normally around 10 -15 drops less for refills.

3. Connect the cartridge to the atomizer and afterwards screw the atomizer onto the completely charged battery and vape away.

NOTE: There could still be some factory primer in the cartridges, this is use to stop the cartridge from drying out, blow the primer from the cart prior to filling, you might taste the guide with any new cartridge but it will disappear.