510 T (tank cart) Starter kit

510 T (tank cart kit)

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The eVape 510T (510 tank System) is a tank system with specialised atties and tank cartridges.

The 510-T builds on the accomplishments and popularity of the conventional 510 kit with a tank cartridge system that allows the use of 1.2 mls of juice for more convenient and less fussy filling. The tank system offers the individual as many as 5 times even more vaping draws in contrast to a basic e-cig cartridge. The brand-new power saving battery function improves the efficiency of power usage. This 510-T system has no wool in the cartridge and is replaced by a rubber stopper which is pierced by the atomiser once put together, making filling easy and this also gives the user a larger amount of e-liquid over the standard wool carts that some on the standard 510 kit.

This ecigarette is innovative in the vaping world and works to enhance the vape experience for the user.

Each 510-T starter kits has 2 batteries and 2 T atomisers, so you can always have one on hand charged and ready to vape.

Likewise consisted of in each 510-T kit is:.

1. T Atomizer, 2pcs.

2. Wall Charger, 1pc.

3. 510-T Tank Cartridges, 5pcs 1.2 ml (No Wool, Rubber Stopper).

4. Instruction Manual, 1pc.

5. Manual Battery, 2pcs (180 mAH).

6. Power line, 1pc.

7. bottle of evape juice 10ml 1pc (random choice).