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General FAQ

Why Buy from ecigswarehouse?

As the most trustworthy Aussie company with electronic cigarettes, Ecigswarehouse have been in the market for over 6 years. Our team understand the merchandise well, as well as work tirelessly to maintain developments in the marketplace such as modifications in the technologies.

How do i know the products are of the best quality?

Every one of the the staff members are e-cigarette users and use our products everyday. Quality assurance and additionally checks are managed by our staff to keep up with the latest products and also to make sure they are of the best quality. Through making use of equipment personally, we certainly have considerable practical understanding of e-cigs as well as how they function. Our company is here to address any queries or alternatively diagnose issues to offer the absolute best results for the consumers.

Are all the products sent from Australia?

All of the of our products and solutions are actually stored in Australia as well as delivered right to your door every day. Our company make full use of traceable post for every internet based sale, additionally the best secure check-out procedure process helps each of our clients to obtain e-mail news whenever her or his equipment had been mailed.

Exactly what are e cigarettes?

E cigarettes (likewise called electronic cigarettes or vaporiser) is often an alternate option to cigarette smoking. They are simply battery-operated gadgets that will produce a mist or vapor that is breathed in rather than of cigarette smoke. The battery energy forces an electric heating component labeled as an "atomizer." The element makes use of minimal burning to transform e-liquid in the mouthpiece, that consists of propylene glycol, glycerin, and food flavorings, directly into a water mist. Indeed there a wide range of different types of electronic cigarettes on the market. A few resemble conventional cigarettes, others look more like a pen and a few even resemble a little torch. Some have actually LED lighting, a couple have integrated fluid tanks, others have actually coupled atomizer cartridge, some are tubular and some are rectangle-shaped boxes. They can be found in all sizes and shapes and have different functions for previous tobacco users who would like to space them selves from anything at all looking like a standard cigarette or need a extended life of the battery or even much better performance.

Are e cigarettes harmless?

Vaping will not discolour your teeth or give you smoker’s breath. An e-cig gives off a vapour that looks like real smoke but is only a water based fog like substance.

All our products can be considered use everywhere and anywhere devices as they are smokeless. E-cigarettes do not contain carbon monoxide or many of the other harmful ingredients found in tobacco cigarettes.

Because anything including nicotine can not be called 100 % safe, evidence from many studies highly recommends that they are much less damaging compared to tobacco smoking. Many studies supporting that converting from smoking cigarettes to a smoke-free product can eliminate health hazards to less than 1 % of smoking cigarettes standard cigarettes - just about the same exposuser of a non-smoker. For tobacco smoking harm decrease wellness specialists, it is deceptive and untrustworthy for community health authorities to tell tobacco smokers that smoke-less products, such as electronic cigarettes, are "not a safe option to smoking cigarettes" simply since they are "just" 99 % safer and not 100 % safe. - See more at: http://ecigswarehouse.com.au/e-cigarette-info.html#sthash.GAWSAS1I.dpuf

Can anybody use the e-cigarette?

You must be over the age of 18 to buy Evape Electronic Cigarettes. We reserve the right to refuse sale to any persons under 18 years.

What about news stories that electronic cigarettes are poisonous?

There are research studies that reveal possible wellness issues because of e cig use are premature. In spite of what has been reported, the research done to this day have actually not only been greatly inconclusive, however have in fact discovered the fact that the degree of impurities discovered in e cig e-liquid and vapor tend to be so minimum that it is extremely skeptical these types of would likely even present a health danger. E-cigs are hundreds of times far less of a danger than proceeding to smoke cigarettes. The truth is, the specific "realization" of a any chemical substance does not imply that an item is dangerous. Day-after-day most of us breathe and eat chemical substance that could be hazardous at much greater levels. It is dishonest for health organisations that rubbish e cigarettes to point to the trace proportions discovered in e cig scientific studies as absolute proof of a possible health threat. Dr. Igor Burstyn, of Drexel College, assessed all of the offered chemical make up on e-cigarette vapor and e-liquid and additionally discovered that the degrees reported-- even in those studies that were hyped as revealing there is a risk-- are actually clearly below the degree that is of issue. His study had been peer-reviewed and released on January 2014 on Biography Medication Central's Public Health Journal: "Peering through the mist: organized evaluation related to what the chemical make up of toxins in e-cigs tells us about wellness dangers". In 2011, The FDA issued a document concerning the approved cigarettes cessation medicine Chantix, that has actually been associateded with over 500 fatalities, suicidal behaviors and cardiac arrest. The FDA mentioned that "the medicine's benefits exceed the risks." E-cigarettes have been on the marketplace as long as Chantix, without having reports of considerable negative responses or fatalities. Research has revealed that even though chemical compounds have actually been discovered, these are too low to present any considerable health threats and are definitely a great deal significantly less direct exposure than discovered in tobacco smoke. The situation is apparent to everybody who examines the more than 60 available research scientific tests on electronic cigarettes fluids and vapor that the advantages of e cigs also "considerably overshadow the dangers.". In the instance you will find over 60 research studies of e-cig vapor and e-liquid, precisely why might health related specialists say we don't know what is in them or that they may be more dangerous than traditional cigarettes? The things that most people do know for sure is pharmaceutical business don't enjoy seeing tobacco smokers embracing e-cigarettes rather of using nicotine products and pharmaceutical medicines. The pharmaceutical market and its "institution" fund a lot of anti-tobacco study and supports numerous of the anti-tobacco companies and politicians that object to electronic cigarettes and tobacco damage reducing policies. We likewise understand that there's a smaller, however really loud, part of the public wellness community that protests anything that does not need 100 % abstinence from all tobacco and nicotine. Their objection to e-cigarettes appear to be more ideological than science-based and it seems they would rather cigarette smokers stay uncertain sufficient about electronic cigarette security that they will opt to keep trying to give up smoking cigarettes with standard techniques rather. Regrettably, while this might be a choice for any of those tobacco users that are make an effort to attempting to quit smoking, it remains cigarette smokers whom are not necessarily attempting to give up - or who do not succeed to give up using conventional approaches - utilizing likely the most harmful supplement located on the marketplace, instead than a a great deal less dangerous approach.

Just what e-cig model and make best looks and tastes the best?

This is the most typical concern on e cig online forums. The response to that matter is "none" and "it doesn't matter.". Given that those thinking about electronic cigarettes are generally looking for to remove and be replacing tobacco smoking, these people are under the presumption the fact that obtaining the most life-like, tobacco flavoured e-cig provides likely the most satisfaction. The fact is that shortly after transitioning to e-cigarettes for a couple of weeks, the bulk of individuals realize that appearance essentially do not matter - efficiency does. And the very best electric cigarettes don't always look a whole lot like conventional cigarettes due to the fact that they need increased batteries. And the most popular tastes with seasoned consumers tend to be even further from cigarette flavored as you could possibly get.

Can electronic cigarettes assist me give up cigarette smoking?

E-cigarettes are definitely not permitted to be advertised as nicotine cessation systems such as the nicotine chewing gum as well as patches on the market place. Surveys reveal that up to 80 % of e-cigarette users give up cigarette smoking standard cigarettes while making use of electronic cigarettes. There is not as much scientific proof so far that relate exactly how reliable electronic cigarettes are when utilized to manage or overcome cigarette smoking dependency. Anecdotal reports by users who have used e-cigarettes as a way to wean from nicotine also suggests they appear to be surprisingly beneficial method to break cigarette smoking sets off and significantly minimize nicotine levels. - See more at: http://ecigswarehouse.com.au/e-cigarette-info.html#sthash.GAWSAS1I.dpuf

Purchasing Electronic Cigarettes

Where should I begin with regards to to purchasing electronic cigarettes?

Initial it can appear demanding or confusing when it comes to the world of vaping and e-cigarettes, however eVape has taken the trouble out of your very first investment by composing packages which contain virtually everything you require to begin the process of quiting cigarettes by means of vaping.

How frequently do I have to replace parts such as batteries or atomizers?

Atomizers usually work well for approximately 40 days if you look after them as documented in the instructions that are offered. The main direction is to blow through the atomizer with your mouth, then place upright to dry out over 12 hours.

Battery info

A totally recharged eVape 510 battery will last around 120-200 draws prior to having to be charged. When it is done, it usually takes around 3-4 hours to recharge a flat battery and the LED indication light will inform you when it is charged or needing charging. The eGo and Riva batteries last for a lot longer (three times as long as 510) and you can also purchase larger capacity batteries of both 510 and ego models which clearly make your e-cigs last a lot longer. Batteries normally require changing or replacing after around 250-350 charge cycles. Beware not to continuously overcharge batteries as this can damage their life.

Where can ecigs be vaped?

E cigarettes produce vapor not smoke, they can not be viewed like an tobacco cigarettes which produce and burn chemicals that can be harmful not only for the user but also people in the vicinity of you. E cigarettes can be used in areas where smoking cigarettes is prohibited, because you're not cigarette smoking, you're vaping. You must be thoughtful when vaping as most people dont understand it's not a regular cigarette and that it only releases water vapour which is clean and safe for people near you.

Exactly what is the smoke released from the e cigarette?

The vapor which is produced from an Electronic cigarette is merely a water structured vapor that disappears into the air within just seconds. E cigarettes deposit no toxic substance in the air, and will most likely not impact any people in the vicinity of you in contrast to 2nd hand cigarette smoking of a standard cigarette.

Can anybody use the e-cigarette?

E-Cigarettes are intended for use just by adults as both an alternative to giving up cigarette smoking tobacco based cigarettes or as a social activity. At eVape we do not back the use of our products by individuals under the age of 18.

Do you take worldwide orders?

eVape does not process or ship worldwide orders. We are an Australian based company and just accept orders here.

Free advertising giveaways.

Our free promotional giveaways apply to the total invest EX Shipping expenses.


All items feature some standard details on the product for wellness conditions, below is evapes standard do not use this product if you have any off the follow conditions:. At eVape we DO NOT offer nicotine nor do we support the consumption of nicotine or other compounds to be made use of in our electronic cigarettes. The statement below still applies to all our items as we are exempt for individuals clinical conditions or misuse of our items, if you are concerned consult your doctor first or just don't buy them. E cigs are not intended treatment or deal with medical conditions. If you are not 18+ years old, do not buy or utilize our products. We do not supply nicotine in any kind. If you have any breathing troubles or problems like high blood pressure, heart troubles or any other medical conditions do not make use of unless you see your doctor. Do not use if you are pregnant. If you have actually any health related concerns about electronic cigarettes, consult your medical professional.

E-Liquid FAQ

Whats in the e-liquid?

We supply the cleanest, pharmaceutically graded e-liquid on the market. It is made in Europe, and contains premium ingredients that vape clean. It is worth noting that our quality e-liquid contains no genetically modified ingredients, is not tested on animals, is allergen free and comes in a dark green bottle with a shelf life of over two years.

The vapour created by a e-cig is a natural base of either propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. PG and VG are found in many of our food products and have little side effects.

Does e-liquid contains nicotine?

Due to Australian law, none of our e-liquid contains nicotine. We provide a comprehensive guide to nicotine and use with electronic cigarettes in Australia at the top of the page under the info & guides tab.

Where is the e-liquid made?

Our premium and doubler e-juice is made in Europe and are certified as pharmaceutical grade according to European and American standards.

What flavours can i buy?

These juices can be flavoured with various essences to create a fun vaping experience. We supply around 45 unique flavours that will appease to any taste.

Giveaways and Free Offers

Free e-liquid with every kits ordered

We provide a FREE bottle of e-juice with every Starter Kit that is purchased. This means that when you receive your kit, you can begin to use it right away without forking out extra cost.

Returns, Refund Policy and Shipping

Returns Infomation

If the product is an ego then first try to press the power button on the battery 5 times fast, as they have an ON/OFF function, so five times fast for on and five times fast for off. Try this before you do anything.

We also ask that the customer checks items by swapping them around to work out if it’s is a battery or atomizers that may have failed as we have in the past replaced products without viewing then only to then find out that it wasn't faulty or it was another part that was faulty and when this happens its wastes time and postage resend out the right products.

So Swap batteries with different atomizers and power supplies to best determine the cause as any products that are abused, misused or not faulty will require the customer to pay postage cost for the return of the products to them.

We endeavor to have the best possible customer service and try to be as fair as possible with things like returns that are used or more than a week or so as e-cigs have a life span and things like water of overcharging batteries can shorten their life span considerably and atomizers are a disposable products that will fail in an undetermined time and need to be replaced.

Sometimes we require the customer to send back the products, we ask this for a few reasons and the main one is to see why any product is faulty so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

When anything if found to be faulty we will send out a replacement or issue store credit as long as its not due to misuse or wear and tear as we normally only replace DOA items as we can’t control the use of the goods and how they are treated after being used.

Shipping and Returns for ecigswarehouse

Here at Ecigswarehouse, we want to ensure a positive experience for our customers. Despite, our best care in sourcing quality electronic cigarettes, things can and do go wrong. E-cigs are finite, high tech devices, which are made intricately, which means they can occasionally have failures. Our staff replaces stock every few weeks, and do not sell redundant or out of date products. The majority of our orders are successful and we experience little problems considering we have a very large customer base. Returns: If in the odd event, you find that an Ecigswarehouse product you have purchased does not function correctly, please read our returns information below to see how you can go about claiming a replacement. We offers a 30 day warranty on all of our products. We are here to help and ask that you follow the guidelines below if you believe you have a defective product. Check over our troubleshooting guide to see if any of the solutions fit your problem. You can access the troubleshooting guide, here. If you cannot find a solution, email the team at sales@ecigwarehouse.com.au and describe your problem in as much detail as you can. Our staff will get back to you within one working day. If your problem could not be resolved, you will be asked to return the product to us for evaluation. Our staff will check the product and verify it is defective. Please note: the warranty does not cover misuse, deliberately broken or out of warranty products. If deemed to be defective, we will replace the item for you within 14 working days of receipt. If not, the items will be sent back to you along with an explanation regarding the fact that they are not defective for the reasons assessed.


All e cigarette Starter sets include a 30 day manufacturer's warranty on manufacturers flaws, this doesn't incorporate damage or maltreatment regarding the merchandise. The buyer are required to confirm all product right away and submit any kind of damages or concerns to eVape by email inside of 48 hrs of getting the merchandise. eVape preserves the legal right to reject issues that may be formulated following this length of time. The buyer must pay to send back the defective goods to eVape, our company usually refunds or supply credit or free gifts which will make up for shipping cost of products discovered to be defective. Contact must be made directly with ecigswarehouse for authorization before returning any merchandise as often what the problem is could be simple address as often the merchandise might not be put together correctly and only require instructions on how one can use them. ecigswarehouse will most likely substitute or alternatively repair where plausible and additionally refunds will primarily be provided when a replacement unit is just not in the inventory. Claims are non assignable beyond the initial buyer. Each of the free or added bonus merchandise are generally not under any warranty, like out promotional items or giveaways. Invoices or order numbers will be required as proof of purchase. Warranty is valid in Australia only. Warranties Do Not involve: wear & tear, pre-owned hardware or equipment, Misused, mistreated, neglect or use of a merchandise for the purpose it wasn't intended. Mistreatment as well as careless storing or unsanctioned repairs.

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be offered after 30 days. Refunds are for DOA on items like atomizers and cartomisers as they are disposable, we suggest buying a few extra atomizers as they last from days to month but the time fame is unknown as they are the throw away part of an e-cig. Refunds will not be provided when the customer changes their mind, or if the device doesn't satisfy expectations. Original shipping or alternatively courier expenses are not refundable. Pictures and other kinds of proof might be required from the buyer as verification of problems. ecigswarehouse is liable for delivering the replacement products returning to buyer, along with the exception that the returned product is examined and discovered not faulty or not in the exact same state that the buyer reported. In that case, the buyer will be responsible to cover return shipping expenses. Merchandise need to be returned with all components, such as their original packaging material, cartons and packaging. ecigswarehouse need to obtain all returns inside 7 days from ecigswarehouse consenting that the merchandise may be returned for examination. If the goods are returned after the 7 days from accepted transport, we reserve the right to reject the claim. Hardware or equipment returns must be approved as well as identified by evape before an return is carried out. You can return most new, sealed items inside 30 days of shipping for a full reimbursement. We'll likewise pay the return transportation costs if the return is a consequence of our mistake you experienced an inaccurate or nonfunctional hardware or equipment. Make contact in writing to organize the return of any merchandise in email or in your account under the returns tab.


First off, we DO NOT drop ship, we hold all stock in Australia, so not only is it super fast shipping but also backed by an Australian company in Australia. We can ship to virtually any address in Australia. We do not ship to international destinations. When an order is placed we will estimate the delivery date for you based on the availability of your items and the delivery option you choose as express post packs take 1-2 days on average and standard post packs range from 4-5 days Australia wide. Orders are sent via pre-paid parcels and depend on the amount as to whether this is regular post or Express Post. Regular post is used for orders under $30.00 ex GST and Express Post is used for orders of $31.00 or more ex GST. Our free disposables are sent in a padded bag, and are not traceable. This allows us to provide you with free products, and ecigswarehouse cannot be held responsible for a disposable lost in transit by Australia Post. When ordering online, via our secure website, customers will be issued with email updates regarding when their order has been shipped. If you do not receive a shipping notice within 3 working days of placing your order, please email our team sales@evape.com.au and we will investigate the order. In some cases, when paying by Paypal, the payment is an e-cheque. We cannot send your items until the e-cheque has cleared.