E-cigs are 99% less dangerous compared to cigarettes.

October 5th, 2014 in category E-Cig News
by Matt B

With an increasing pile of technical and scientific proof continuously shows that electronic cigarettes (e-cigs):

- are 99% (+/-1%) far less dangerous compared to cigarettes,

- tend to be used almost completely (i.e. >99%) by cigarette smokers and also ex-smokers whom give up through embracing e-cigs,

- have assisted many million tobacco smokers give up or even greatly lower cigarette smoking consumption,

- have replaced nearly a billion packages of cigarettes inside the United States Of America during the past 5 years,

- are better than FDA sanctioned tablets, patches, inhalers and nicotine gums for cigarette smoking cessation and decreasing cigarette intake,

- offer less hazards than FDA sanctioned Verenicline (Chantix),

- offer no consequences to nonusers,

- have additionally denormalised tobacco cigarette smoking,

- haven't proved to provide nicotine addiction in any non-smoker, and

- haven't been discovered to precede tobacco cigarette smoking in any everyday tobacco smoker.

Rather than safeguarding tobacco smoking (inside the given dishonest pretense of safeguarding young children), public medical authorities should offer an moral responsibility to honestly advise tobacco smokers and vapers that electronic cigarettes are really much less dangerous options other than smoking cigarettes, as well as keep these things lawful as well as low-priced.

All genuine community medical and health advocates should help tobacco smokers embracing e-cigarettes, and additionally retaining e-cigs as a legal product.