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The New Smok-tech DCT V2 is a tank carto that uses powerful dual coils cartomiser that generates an awesome flavour with no burn taste with supreme vapour generation.

The benefit of the DTCT V2 is a 1.6ml 1.5ohm cartomiser with a reservoir that retains an estimated 3.5mls of e-juice and driven buy reliable long life skmoktech dual coils cartomisers that are changable.

Dual coil cartos offer significantly less possibility to burn vaping e liquid as a result of large single resistance of both coils in the cartomiser.

Smoktech 510 DCT V2 is a brand-new type of DCT. It is the same quality as the Smoktech 510 DCT however they are simply different sizes, the Smoktech 510 DCT V2 retains 3.5ml of vaping e liquid when the 510 DCT holds 6ml of e-juice.

We recommend making use of batteries over 450mAh.

We now offer a tool that punches holes in the Smok Tech Punched Cartomizers, you can purchase the hole punch tool here.