​Smok-Tech 5ml EGO Cartomisers

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Smok-Tech 5ml EGO Cartomisers. These 5ml Mega Dual Coil Cartomisers consists of TWO 3.0ohm coils in Parallel, bringing an overall total resistance of around 1.5ohms.

The Dual Coil variant create a significant throat hit vapour because of the dual coil heating system, while having less possibilities of burning because of the higher single resistance of the coils.

Filling Suggestions - like various other cartomisers on the marketplace, take out the rubberised mouth piece end cap and slowly fill the e-juice into the inner wool fabric. As soon as filled, we suggest enabling the liquid to work its way into cartomiser, given the more time you can possibly let it sit then the better the results, after being filled once it takes no time at all to soak in.

The dual caromisers not only support a lot of e-juice and additionally work for a long time. Excellent for very long intervals in between filling, or for serious clients.


Produced by Smoktech.

Holds 5ml of e-juice

510/ego Threading

Colour Black

Refillable cartomiser