​Ego T Cartridges

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Ego T Cartridges suitable for eGo model Atomisers only.

Ego T Cartridges come empty are are suitable together with the Ego T atomisers and batteries only. The atties can be compatible with eGo batteries that ecigswarehouse offers. Every single package of ego T carts come with 5 cartridges. Ego C atomisers are also compatible with ego T tank cartridges.

The Ego T cartridges function by letting both Ego T or Ego C atomiser pierce the end of the tank to form a seal and let the e-liquid flow into the cart. The small hole in the atomiser enables the vaping e liquid to feed the atomiser, then the liquid is heated at a accurate temp so that the e-liquid can be turned into vape. These kinds of carts may be replaced and are sold in packs of 5.