​CE4 Cartomiser

CE4 Cartomiser

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CE4 Cartomiser for ego threaded e-cigs.

The CE4 cartos feature lengthy wicks that reach out from the very top all the down to the base of the cartomiser. These types of carts feed within the built-in atomiser creating optimal flavour and vape whenever used. The CE4 is suitable with Ego batteries but will not work well on 510 batteries. This fact is especially because they're powerful cartomisers.

These kinds of cartos create an amazing vape without having leaking or burning of the e-liquid, they hold around 1.6ml of e-juice and are a effortless in order to fill. The CE4 is a really tank system allowing easy filling of e-juice. It is actually referred to as a clearomiser or even more popularly known as a cartomiser. The see-thorugh system lets you look at e-juice that in the device, making it extremely helpful and blunder free. It is reasonably important to not ever over-fill as this will result in leakage. We suggest filling up to approximately 1.2mls to get the maximum results. The mouth section have been made for a enclosed, operator friendly e-cig experience. They offer a rubberised seal creating less leakage. The vape delivered these types of cartos coupled when using Ego batteries is seamless and strong. Even experience vapers enjoy using this type of clearomiser. A useful component with this clearomiser would be that it shows the amount of juice on the side window in mls, in order to observe how much e-juice you are making use and of course, should you have to fill up.