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510 Battery

510 battery 180mAh standard rechargeable Manual-switch Battery available in black, white and silver.

These batteries can be used with standard or T model atomizers.

The standard 510 e-cig lithium ion batteries are produced in order to work for around 2 hours on a recharge. Battery life span is approximately 250 recharges, lithium batteries do not possess a memory, which means that they may be charged at any level without any trouble or damaging impact on the batteries life-span.

Colours: White, Black and Silver.

Battery info:

A lithium-ion battery yields around 200-400 charge cycles. lithium-ion batteries prefer partial discharge rather than a full battery drain. Continual complete discharges needs to be prevented if possible. Rather, charge the battery even more often or incorporate a more substantial battery for heavy users like the ego model.