​EGO USB Charger with Cord

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EGO USB Charger with Cord

Charges Ego and Ego-T batteries, manual, automatic, for 650, 900 and 1100 mAh batteries.

Twist the Ego battery into the USB charger cable. Pushing the USB battery charger cable into a USB port of your computer, USB Home Charger, USB car charger or USB wall power supply. Do not charge Power supply outdoors or in a damp environment. Keep all parts out of children's reach.

NOTE: Use extreme caution when ever handling Li-ion cells and batteries, due to being very sensitive to charging factors and could detonate or melt if mis-handled or misuse. Confirm that the owner attain sufficient knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and in addition they have a understanding of assembly ahead of operation. Always charge in or on a fire proof material or container. NEVER leave charging cells or batteries unattended. We aren't responsible for injuries whether or not there is any kind of modification concerning the batteries or chargers in any shape or form. We aren't responsible for any kind of damage as a result of mistreatment or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries or chargers. We only recommend making use of Lithium Ion chargeable batteries together through a controlled circuit (protection PCB) to assure secure and safe recharging or alternatively discharge, usage of lithium ion batteries with no protection circuit is very unsafe

ecigswarehouse.com.au are definitely not responsible for or liable involving trauma or damage, fault, lasting or alternatively temporary which could be resulting from improper usage of a LI-ION batteries. Do not forget to put together a fundamental practical knowledge of any batteries you are making use of within our or other devices as well as how to look after these correctly.